Dog Themed Jewelry & Special as the Love You Have for Your Four Legged Friend!
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Cloud K9 ® Gallery

Some of Our Four-Legged Friends

Our Fav @TweeterDito enjoying Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits
made with our Dog Biscuit Cookie Cutters

Good Friend @HankTheDoggy models for English Setter Cookies.
His Mom iced/decorated the cookies with chocolate chips for spots.
(These cookies are only for people since chocolate is toxic to dogs.)
Made with our Dog-Shaped Cookie Cutters.

Talented Donna M. used our Cardigan Corgi Cookie Cutter
to create a cookie that looks like Daisy (her Corgi / Australian Shepherd Mix).
She swirled the icing to create the Blue Merle coat of an Aussie and
used a blue icing writer for the eye.
Made with our Dog-Shaped Cookie Cutters.

Ted, a Welsh Terrier living in the U.K., won 2nd prize for "The Most Handsome Dog"
at a local companion dog show! His sweet Mum bought our Welsh Terrier and Lilies Pin

Creative Loretta of the Hounds Inn decorated St. Bernard, Paw Print and Newfoundland cookies
made with our Dog-Shaped Cookie Cutters for a 4h Christmas Party exchange.
The Newfoundlands and St. Bernards represent her family's furkids.

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